Campus Live

So I went back, back to university! Twice ….

University of Wuppertal, a modern, independent university in the Humboldtean tradition assigned me to shoot their „Rektoratsbericht“ 2015 & 2014. Embedded into real lectures between 8 or 800 Students was challenging and very interesting, ok – I have to admit especially at the math class I had no idea what everybody is talking about 🙂

Have a Look and enjoy my edit of „Campus Live

UW_A_DSC5643_LoRes UW_A_DSC5640_LoRes UW_A_DSC5639_LoRes UW_A_DSC5636_LoRes UW_A_DSC5621_LoRes UW_A_DSC5634_LoResUW_A_DSC5648_LoRes UW_A_DSC5608_LoRes