itelligence AG annual report 2015

It’s always important to have the right people with you, assistent & creative director played the perfect lookalikes… itelligence AG | annual report 2015

Software tech company „itelligence AG“ assigned me again to shoot CEO & CFO, Herbert Vogel und Norbert Rotter, portrayed in the just released annual report 2015…

itelligence AG | annual report 2015

I could not follow them into their virtual reality journey, but I took care… that the two gentlemen did not pour down the stairs in the real world!

itelligence AG | annual report 2015

Thanks for trusting me again! Annual report boardshooting since 2011 🙂

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Herbert Vogel (Vorstandsvorsitzender) und Norbert Rotter (Finanzvorstand)

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Norbert Rotter (Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender) und Herbert Vogel (Vorstandsvorsitzender)

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Herbert Vogel, Vorstandsvorsitzender / Norbert Rotter, Finanzvorstand