#wow 2017 – #hello 2018 !

Yes – regarding this newsfeed – it has been a little bit to quiet. The reason

for this is simple and very welcomed: Work – lots of work! In late September,

my name was thrown into a small pilot photo production project …

And things were developing fast

… two weeks photoproduction assignment on location in Switzerland …


… plus another two weeks photoproduction in France …

…and working in December was not sunny but more than 38 Celsius  almost everyday …

… here in lovely Indonesia 🙂


Anything else? Yes, assignment work :

reportage – theGuardian

CEO Portraits – Annual Report 2017 TUI

project reportage Jordan and Palestine – KfW Bank (unpublished yet)

reportage saltmine – ESCO  (unpublished yet)





Let’s go on like this – hello 2018!